Members and participants:

  • Jenine Borowik (Australia) Chair
  • Julie Trépanier (Canada)
  • Franck Cotton (France)
  • Richard McMahon (Ireland)
  • Stefano De Francisci / Monica Scannapieco (Italy)
  • Barteld Braaksma / Barry Schouten / Johan van der Valk (Netherlands)
  • Jean Watt / Amy White / Emma Mawby / Lyn Kaye (New Zealand)
  • Anna Dlugosz (Poland)
  • Ashwell Jenneker / Luxolo Lengs (South Africa)
  • Michail Skaliotis / Martin Karlberg / Pilar Rey del Castillo (Eurostat)
  • Yuri Gyomai / David Barraclough (OECD)

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Topic: Modernisation Committe on Products and Sources, Webex meeting 10 July
Date: Thursday, 10. July 2014
Time: 12:00, Europe Summer Time (Paris, GMT+02:00)
Meeting Number: 706 135 136
Meeting Password: Sources123

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Draft Agenda next meeting (12:00 CET, Thrusday 10th July):


1) New Members statistics South Africa

2) Update 2014 HLG projects on Big Data and the new Task Teams & CSPA
3) Feedback Presentation of the paper for the UNECE Work Session on Statistical Communication
4) Survey of NSOs to gather information about their strategies or campaigns underway or planned to communicate the value of official: plan of action
5) Big Data Inventory: plan of action
6) Update on other work programme items:
    a) Mixed Mode (Amy)
    b) Mobile devices (Barteld)
    c) Marketing (Richie)
7) Face to face meeting November

8) Other business
9) Date of next meeting











Key issues and priorities

The following topics have been identified so far by members of this committee:

  • Big Data
  • CSPA implementation
  • Mixed mode data collection
  • Mobile devices
  • Marketing
  • CES paper on the value of official statistics

 Presentation given at November 2013 HLG workshop