Regional collaboration on modernization


ESCAP Statistics Division - Modernization of statistical information systems


ESCAP Committee on Statistics, Third session, 2012 - "Regional cooperation on the modernization of official statistics"


Global collaboration on modernization

Developing GSIM V1.0 - and further developments.docx High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Statistical Production and Services (HLG)

Strategic vision of the HLG

Conference of European Statisticians, 60th session, 2012 - "Strategy to implement the vision of the High-level Group for Strategic Developments in Business Architecture in Statistics"

UNECE / Eurostat / OECD Group on Statistical Metadata (METIS)

METIS wiki

METIS Steering Group

Inventory of International Groups

Big data

Open data


Other groups

Eurostat SDMX wiki

CORA (COmmon Reference Architecture) Project