Policy briefs and other documents

Active Ageing Index 2014. Analytical report (2015) 

 Summary of the Analytical report in English, French, German, Russian

AAI 2014: Active Ageing Index for 28 European Union Countries (2014)

Introducing Active Ageing Index (2013)

Reports of pilot studies

Pilot study at local level in Germany, 2016: Report  

Pilot study at national level for Serbia and Turkey, 2015–2016: Report

Pilot study at national level for Georgia, 2012: Report

Methodology paper

Active Ageing Index 2012 Concept, Methodology and Final Results*

*please note that several indicators were revised in the course of the project: updated methodological annexes to the paper are available from Methodology tab.


Updates to the methodology

Detailed Information on Indicators used for the Active Ageing Index 2014