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This page is a place for the community of people working in data collection in national and international statistical institutes to share knowledge, experience, ideas and resources.  It is under development and will evolve according to the level of interest it generates and the amount of use made of the resources.  Please feel free to add your suggestions for other things we could do on this wiki, either via the discussion forums or by emailing us.

NEWS: Fourth Data Collection Workshop 2016: 

We are looking for a host of the 2016 Data Collection Workshop and Communication of Statistics Workshop, to be held back-to-back in August or September 2016.

2015 Data Collection Workshop: Riding the Wave of the Data Deluge (29 April – 1 May, Washington D.C., United States of America)

Held back-to-back with the Workshop on the Communication of Statistics (27-29 April)

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