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2016 Projects

Data IntegrationImplementing Modernstats Standards

2015 Project Results

Big Data


Main Outputs

Generic Statistical Business Process Model

Generic Statistical Information Model

Common Statistical Production Architecture


Generic Activity Model for Statistical Organisations

UNECE Big Data Inventory


The UNECE High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics (HLG-MOS) was set up by the Conference of European Statisticians (CES) in 2010 to oversee and coordinate international work relating to statistical modernisation. It promotes standards-based modernisation of official statistics. It reports to the CES and received its mandate from this body.

The mission of the HLG-MOS is to oversee the development of frameworks, tools and methods, to support modernisation in statistical organizations. The aim is to improve the efficiency of statistical production, and the ability to produce outputs that better meet user needs.

Browse this wiki to find out about the origins, goals and work of this group and its subsidiary bodies, and how you can become involved.

How to join the Statistical Modernisation Community?

Who is in the HLG-MOS?

  • Pádraig Dalton (Ireland) - Chairman
  • Trevor Sutton (Australia)
  • Wayne Smith (Canada)
  • Giorgio Alleva (Italy)
  • Bert Kroese (Netherlands)
  • Liz MacPherson (New Zealand)
  • Yoo, Gyeongjoon (Republic of Korea)
  • Genovefa Ružić (Slovenia)
  • Walter Radermacher (Eurostat)
  • Martine Durand (OECD)
  • Lidia Bratanova (UNECE) 

The chairs of the Executive Board, and the modernisation committees participate in HLG-MOS meetings as observers.

The UNECE also provides the secretariat (contact: support.stat@unece.org )

What does the HLG-MOS do?

The role of the HLG-MOS is formalised in its Terms of Reference. A broad vision and a strategy for implementing that vision have been formulated and agreed by the Conference Of European Statisticians, and shape the group's work.


The objectives of the HLG-MOS are:

  • To promote common standards, models, tools and methods to support the modernisation of official statistics;
  • To drive new developments in the production, organisation and products of official statistics, ensuring effective coordination and information sharing within official statistics, and with relevant external bodies;
  • To advise the Bureau of the CES on the direction of strategic developments in the modernisation of official statistics, and ensure that there is a maximum of convergence and coordination within the statistical "industry".


These objectives are met in a number of ways:

  • annual expert group workshops bringing together representatives from relevant groups, to collectively identify priorities and plan strategies while avoiding duplication or conflicting outcomes
  • year-long projects which focus on priorities identified by the workshops, using participatory techniques to find rapid and collectively-developed solutions to the challenges of statistical modernisation

Links to past and current projects can be found on the left of this page, and links to the four Modernisation Committees are on the right (note that while much of the material is public, some areas of ongoing work are restricted to the teams involved).

How is the HLG-MOS organized?