The High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Statistical Production and Services (HLG) has created an inventory giving an overview of the different international groups whose work is related to the enterprise architecture of statistical organisations. These groups, and their relationships to the HLG are shown in the following diagram. The groups have been asked to complete a template outlining their activities and outputs. This information is available from the table below the diagram.

More Information about These Groups

Conference of European Statisticians Groups  

European Statistical System Groups      

Other Groups                                                 

Management of Statistical Information Systems (MSIS)

IT Directors Group

Statistical Network

Statistical Metadata (METIS)

Statistical Information, Systems Architecture and Integration (SISAI)

Statistics Open Standards (SOS) Group

Sharing Advisory Board (SAB)

Common Reference Architecture (CORA) Project

Expert Group on opportunities and advantages of enhanced collaboration on statistical information management in Asia and the Pacific

Statistical Data Editing

Common Reference Environment (CORE) Project

PC-Axis Reference Group

Human Resource Management and Training in Statistical Offices

Directors of Methodology (DIME)

International Marketing and Output Database Conference (IMAODBC)


Metadata Working Group

SDMX Sponsors and Secretariat


Sponsorship on Standardisation

SDMX Expert Group


ESSNet on Standardisation

SDMX Technical Working Group


Sponsorship on Quality

SDMX Statistical Working Group


Working Group on Quality in Statistics

SDMX / DDI Dialogue 



Data Documentation Initiative (DDI)



Paris Microdata Access Group (OECD)



OECD.Stat User Group



International Blaise Users Group