Topic (ii): Streamlining statistical production.

Allan Randlepp ( Head of   Data Processing Systems Department ; ; +372 625 9339 ) from Statistics Estonia

Business Case for Industrialisation in Statistics Estonia: Small Example of a Large Trend

Questionnaire for Census 2011 was 49% longer while there was two times less time for processing the data.   Purchase power of the budget given for this was 20% smaller, compared to the budget for the Census 2000. It’s a known fact that in statistical production the most expensive phases are data collection and processing. Thus, we “industrialised” the data collection phase of Census, introducing web-based questionnaire, computer aided interviewing and new fieldwork management software.   All that had positive impact to data processing phase as well, but this wasn’t all. Changes had to be made to the way we were used to process data.   We had to “industrialise” also data processing phase and that would be the topic of the paper.