The D eveloping S tatistical I nformatization of China

1.         I ntroduction

The s tatus and achievements of China s statistical informatization construction :

1.1     Infrastructure

1.2     Application system

1.3     Data resources

1.4     Security system

1.5     Information system

2.         O pportunities

2.1     T he government, enterprises, social organizations and the public have put forward higher requirements on the accuracy, timeliness, objectivity and integrality of statistics.

2.2     The e stablish ment of modern statistical system , which is in line with Chinese national conditions and international general rules, would effectively improve the scientific ity and accuracy of statistics, enhance the authority and capacity of statistical work, and strengthen the quality of statistics and the credibility of government statistics.

3.         C hallenges

3.1     Insufficient understanding

3.2     Lack of unified management

3.3     I nadequate informatization construction fund

3.4     Low level of informatization applications

4.         P rinciple s and method s

4.1     Principle s:

a)             In accordance with the overall plan for national informatization construction, the statistical informatization construction should focus on the Three Improvements and Four Major Projects, and remain demand-oriented, thus to accelerate the integration of information technology and statistical work .

b)             We should p romote the reform and development of statistics, give full play to the informatization system the core supporting role in the modernization of statistical work , facilitate the development and utilization of statistical information resources, thus, provide better statistical information service for the public and for the scientific decision-making and macro-management of the party and the government.

4.2     Method s:

a)             To adopt a technolo gical route of top-level design.

b)             To embody the principle of integrity and being systematical.

c)              To reflect scientificity and foresightedness.

d)             To stress the application and the integration of resources .

5.         Construction of key projects

5.1     Statistical information network and information security system

5.2     Cloud service system

5.3     Statistical business application platform

5.4     Statistical database system

6.         Safeguards measures

6.1     To improve the management system.

6.2     To strengthen guidance and communication.

6.3     To increase capital investment.

6.4     To focus on the training of statistical informatization personnel.






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