Workshop on Implementing Standards for Statistical Modernisation

21-23 Sept 2016 in Geneva. More info here
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GSIM and other standards


Presentation at European DDI conference - Bergen, December 2012

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Presentation at SDMX Technical Working Group - December 2012

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11179 and Neuchatel




GroupGSIM Object11179Neuchatel


ConceptsClassification Family 

Classification family


ConceptsClassification ItemClassification Scheme ItemClassification item
ConceptsClassification SchemeClassification Scheme 
ConceptsClassification Variant Classification Variant
ConceptsClassification Version Classification Version
ConceptsCode ValueClassification Scheme Item Value 
ConceptsConcept SystemConcept System 
ConceptsConceptual DomainConceptual Domain 
ConceptsCorrespondence Table Correspondence Table
ConceptsDescribed Conceptual DomainDescribed Conceptual Domain 
ConceptsDescribed Value DomainDescribed Value Domain 
ConceptsEnumerated Conceptual DomainEnumerated Conceptual Domain 
ConceptsEnumerated Value DomainEnumerated Value Domain 

Classification level

ConceptsMap Correspondence item
ConceptsPopulationObject Class 
ConceptsUnit of MeasureUnit of Measure 
ConceptsValue DomainValue Domain 
StructuresData Structure ComponentData Type 



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