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Explanatory Text


Classification Index



A Classification Index is an ordered list (alphabetical, in code order etc) of Classification Index Entries.Classification Index can relate to one particular or to several Statistical Classifications.

A Classification Index shows the relationship between text found in statistical data sources (responses to survey questionnaires, administrative records) and one or more Statistical Classifications.  A Classification Index may be used to assign the codes for Classification Items to observations in statistical collections

A Statistical Classification is a subtype of Node Set. The relationship between Statistical Classification and Classification Index can also be extended to include the other Node Set types - Code List and Category Set.




NameDescriptionCardinalityValue Domain









Release dateDate when the current version of the Classification Index was released.0..1  Date
Maintenance unitThe unit or group of persons within the organisation responsible for the Classification Index, i.e. for adding, changing or deleting Classification Index Entries.0..1  Textual 
Contact persons Person(s) who may be contacted for additional information about the Classification Index.0..1  Textual 
PublicationsA list of the publications in which the Classification Index has been published.0..n Textual 
LanguagesA Classification Index can exist in several languages. Indicates the languages available. If a Classification Index exists in several languages, the number of entries in each language may be different, as the number of terms describing the same phenomenon can change from one language to another. However, the same phenomena should be described in each language.0..nTextual 
CorrectionsVerbal summary description of corrections, which have occurred within the Classification Index. Corrections include changing the item code associated with an Classification Index Entry.0..n  Textual 
Coding Instructions Additional information which drives the coding process for all entries in a Classification Index.0..n  Textual 



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