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  • Alice Born (Canada)
  • Arofan Gregory (DDI Alliance)
  • Juan Muñoz (Mexico)
  • Klas Blomqvist (Sweden)
  • Benoit Rouppert (France)
  • August Gotzfried (Eurostat)
  • Marina Signore (Italy)
  • John Dunne (Ireland)
  • Dan Gillman (United States)
  • Al Hamilton (Australia)
  • Adam Brown (New Zealand)
  • Jenny Linnerud (Norway)
  • Nilgün Dorsan (Turkey)
  • Stanislaw Sieluzycki (Poland)
  • David Barraclough (OECD)

Terms of Reference

Key issues and priorities

The following topics have been identified so far by members of this committee:

  • Governance, maintenance, support and integration of key standards
  • Support for CSPA implementation
  • Quality indicators
  • Semantic web
  • Link to geospatial standards
  • Big Data
  • Glossary



Presentation given at November 2013 HLG workshop




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