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Country/Organization name

Istat (Italy)

Contact person for this case study

Giulio Barcaroli




Type of Big Data usedE-commerce


Project descriptionReference is to the "Survey on information and communication technology in enterprises": the aim is to replicate the information content of the sections of the questionnaire related to the websites indicated by a subset of responding enterprises, by using Internet as Data Source (IAD). The content of the website is analysed and modeled under a "machine learning" approach. Techniques that will be used are: (info) web scraping; (ii) text mining


National or international scope of data sourceNational
Public/private sourcePrivate sector
Data access frameworkThe data are open for public access
Payment for dataNo
Data accessRaw (micro)data are transferred to the statistical organization for processing
Domain and useInformation society
Degree of progress in use of the Big Data sourceExperimenting
Tools and methods for processingDifferent tools are being evaluated in order to choose the best for both:
1. web scraping
2. text mining
Privacy and confidentiality issuesFor the moment, no confidentiality issue is evident, as scraped websites are open to public
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