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Istat suggests to add the following sub-process as number 3.3.

3.3. Build or enhance dissemination components - This sub-process describes the activities to build new and enhance existing software components needed for the dissemination of statistical products as designed in Phase 2 (Design; in particular, 2.1 Design outputs).

Components may include statistical data warehouses, open data, Microdata Files for Research, Public Use Files and any other information output.


Istat suggests to join former sub-processes 3.3 and 3.4 into sub-process number 3.4.

3.4. Configure and test production system - This sub-process configures the workflow, systems and transformations used within the statistical business processes, from data collection, right through to archiving the final statistical outputs. It ensures that the workflow specified in sub-process 2.6 (Processing system and workflow) works in practice.

This sub-process is also concerned with the testing of computer systems and tools. It includes technical testing and sign-off of new programmes and routines, as well as confirmation that existing routines from other statistical business processes are suitable for use in this case. Whilst part of this activity concerning the testing of individual components could logically be linked with sub-process 3.2 (Build or enhance process components), this sub-process also includes testing of interactions between components, and ensuring that the production system works as a coherent set of components

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  1. ABS comment

    We disagree to adding new sub-process for dissemination as it appears to be part of 3.2, and it would be better to keep the process generic.  We are also not keen on combining 3.3 and 3.4 as we've tried to separate assembly related activities from system production activities in our Business Architecture.


  2. Add design of dissemination to 2.1 

    3.2 should be understood with the same coverage as 2.5

    Data Collection is separate - it involves a different skill set, psychology. (3.1)

    Process/Analyse - transforming activities (3.2)

    Dissemination - it is the product that is the output. Number of different modes of output. (new or in 3.2?) Think about your needs.