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 1) Basic Information

Training material title
The Importance of Databases in the Dissemination Process/Значение баз данных в процессе распространения
Brief description and comments
Slides from a presentation given by Steven Vale of UNECE at a joint UNECE / UNFPA Seminar on Census Dissemination and Communication. Other papers and presentations from the seminar can be seen on the meeting website at

While the seminar was about census data, the presentation is not specific to censuses but is more widely applicable to the dissemination of statistical data in any domain.

It outlines the advantages and disadvantages of the various means of disseminating data on the websites of statistical organizations (static word/pdf files, excel files, output databases, PCAxis...). It introduces the concept of data cubes and presents arguments as to why this should be the preferred method of dissemination.

Main category

Methodology of Data Collection, Processing, Dissemination & Analysis

2) Contact details and how to find the material

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