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As organisations begin to use GSIM, this discussion forum will be used to explore issues with the model or propose extensions to the model.

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Log (to be updated by Thérèse Lalor only)

Object/ Issue
Raised by



Add unit type object

Alistair Hamilton



A new object will be added called Unit Type

Action: Definition, relationships and attributed need to be drafted

#16Add relationship to unit typeHelen TooleDECIDEDAction: Relationship to Logical Record to be added 
#13Survey and Frame PopulationsJenny LinnerudWAITING ABS to provide improved definitionsAlistair Hamilton

Node Sets


Code vs Code List

Category vs Category Set

Klas Blomqvist DECIDED

Provide clearer explanation of the differences

Code is kept in the model with better explanation

Action: Text needs to be drafted from examples in discussion forum



LevelHelen TooleDECIDED

Change the diagrams to include Level in the next release.

Action: New diagrams to be created

#11Statistical Classification CardinalityHelen TooleDECIDED

Classification Scheme (Statistical Classification) has Mandatory Level

Action: Change the definition of (Statistical Classification) such that it must contain at least one Level.

(Statistical Classification) 1..* Level (Mandatory, Many)

#12Hierarchy in Classifications and codelistsHelen TooleWAITINGChris providing example of hierarchical codelist as exampleChris Nelson
#21Alignment with NeuchatelThérèse LalorDECIDED

Change according to proposal


Remove Classification Version from model

Remove Classification Variant from model

Change Classification to Classification Series

Change Classification Scheme to Statistical Classification

Revise relationships according to proposal

Add attributes according to proposal

Revise definitions

Methodology#3Design ContextJenny LinnerudWAITING (Waiting for Methodology discussion to happen before decision made)
#17BMethodologyThérèse LalorOPEN TOPIC Place holder
Business Service#4

Business Service

Dissemination Service

Thérèse LalorDECIDED

Dissemination Service to be a subtype of Business Service

Action: Text needs to be drafted and attributes aligned

Data Resource#5States of dataJenny LinnerudDECIDED

Information about how states of data "could be done" should go into the next version of the User Guide, rather than trying to fit into the model

Input to be given by countries using states of data may be done.

Action: Text needs to be drafted


Non Structure Dataset#6Non Structured Data SetThérèse LalorOPEN TOPIC  
Data Set#7

unit data

dimensional data

Thérèse LalorWAITING Alistair Hamilton
Data Channel#9Data ChannelThérèse LalorDECIDED

Data Channel stays in model

Action: Review definition of Data Channel

Representation#10RepresentationThérèse LalorDECIDED

Change name of Representation to Presentation

Action: Name changed in documentation and model

Modelling#14RelationshipsJenny LinnerudOPEN TOPICAction: All relationships need to be reviewed and made explicit before next releasePlace holder
#22AttributesThérèse LalorOPEN TOPICAction: All attributes need to be reviewed and made explicit before next releasePlace holder
Views of GSIM#15Creating views of GSIMGareth McGuinnessWAITING Waiting for input from CSPA
Quality#17AQualityThérèse LalorOPEN TOPIC Placeholder
Reference Metadata#17CReference MetadataThérèse LalorOPEN TOPIC Placeholder
Data Point#18Data PointHelen TooleDECIDED

Example in glossary to be fixed (Proposal 1)

Action: Fix Example

Process Output#19Add Process Output subtypeGareth McGuinnessOPEN TOPIC  
Assessment#20AssessmentGareth McGuinnessDECIDED

Definition to be improved

Action: Fix definition




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