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 1) Basic Information

Training material title
Statistical Metadata: European Statistical Training Programme (ESTP) introductory training course
Brief description and comments
This course is part of the annual European Statistical Training Programme, the purpose of which is "to enhance the vocational training of European statisticians by providing the opportunity to participate in European and international training courses at postgraduate level and other learning opportunities" (full details of the programme can be found at

This 2-day course, offered by Statistics Netherlands in conjunction with other organizations, covered many topics including, amongst others: 'what is metadata?'; an introduction to SDMX; the ESS metadata standards; dissemination databases; and 'quality and metadata'. The page linked below contains slides from all presentations delivered during the course, as well as exercises. The 2013 edition of the course was delivered by Tjalling Gelsema (CBS Netherlands) and Petr Elias (Czech Statistical Office)

Main category

Methodology of Data Collection, Processing, Dissemination & Analysis

2) Contact details and how to find the material

Author Organization(s)Contact email address for this material (if applicable)Date created
Eurostat and Statistics NetherlandsESTAT-ESTP-CONTACTS@ec.europa.euFebruary



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