Workshop on Implementing Standards for Statistical Modernisation

21-23 Sept 2016 in Geneva. More info here
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The DDI mapping group have queried the usefulness of the Data Channel object. 

What is a data channel really? It is the combination of instrument, mode and data resource

Is this a candidate for removal from the model?  


  1. It should not be removed without thought.

    Flag for review at a latter meeting.


  2. 2/7/13 meeting: Adam Brown to talk to Arofan Gregory about the issue.

  3. Arofan: we have agreed that it should be closed (unless Adam thinks otherwise) – both Chris and I agree that there is a distinction between the existence of a data resource and the *use* of a data resource for a particular statistical activity, which is what a data channel represents.

    We may want to review the definition of data channel, but I think it will hold up.