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This Excel file contains raw data of the AAI 22 individual indicators for the 27 European Union Member States. It also includes detailed calculations and weights for the overall AAI and the domain-specific indices.

You can use the Excel file to:

 1. Check the microdata of your own country to understand its position in the different ranks.

 2. If your country is not in the list, you can impute data for your country and see what are the AAI results for your country as compared to the EU 27 countries.

 3. Experiment with the current weights used in calculating AAI to see how the results of the AAI change.

 4. Create tables and graphs according to your specific needs



If you use the AAI toolset, please acknowledge its source as:

Zaidi, A., K. Gasior, M.M. Hofmarcher, O. Lelkes, B. Marin, R. Rodrigues, A. Schmidt, P. Vanhuysse and E. Zolyomi (2013), ‘Active Ageing Index 2012: Concept, Methodology and Final Results ‘, Methodology Report Submitted to European Commission’s DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, and to Population Unit, UNECE, for the project: ‘Active Ageing Index (AAI)’, UNECE Grant No: ECE/GC/2012/003, Geneva.