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 Work Programme

The Institute's current work programme includes:

• Collect, disseminate and analyse selected cultural data via global surveys.

• Develop new methodologies and standards to support countries in the production of cultural statistics.

• Reinforce national capacities in cultural statistics through the provision of technical support and training.

Ongoing methodological work:

• Production of a new handbook concerning the implementation of the 2009 Framework for Cultural Statistics.

• Formulate recommendations for the improvement of the cultural component of international classifications.

• Methodological work on the measurement of the economic contribution of culture.

Priority objectives beyond 2013

• Improve the coverage and the quality of cross-nationally comparable cinema data collected through biennial surveys.

• Implementation of a global survey of cultural employment statistics.

• Ongoing capacity-building activities to improve the production and use of cultural statistics.

New work to be undertaken in 2013

• Publication of an analytical report of global statistics on feature film sector.

• Pilot new cultural employment survey.

• Production of a short analytical report analysing selected cultural employment data and indicators.

• Continued provision of technical assistance and training to selected countries.

• Release handbook on festival statistics.

• Ongoing methodological work to measure the economic contribution of culture.

Meetings to be organized in 2013

• Regional training workshop for South and West Asia.