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2.4.2 Energy (UN Statistics Division)
Energy Statistics
Ongoing activities

 • UNSD continues to maintain the most comprehensive database of worldwide annual energy statistics (production, trade, stock changes, bunkers and consumption) covering more than 200 countries and areas and time series from 1950.

• UNSD continues to publish the Energy Statistics Yearbook and the Energy Balances and Electricity Profiles on an annual basis.

• UNSD continues to collect monthly oil and gas statistics through the JODI questionnaire together with the JODI partner organizations.

• UNSD continues its work on the advancement of methods concepts and definitions in energy statistics together with the Oslo Group on Energy Statistics and the Intersecretariat Working Group on Energy Statistics (InterEnerStat).

• UNSD continues to provide technical assistance to countries in the implementation of IRES through the organizations of training workshops.

Activities for 2013

• Preparation of the Energy Statistics Compilers Manual (ESCM), which provides practical guidance in the implementation of IRES, in close cooperation with the Oslo Group on Energy Statistics.

• Ongoing collection and dissemination of country practices in energy statistics.

• Organization of training workshops for developing countries.

• Revision of the UNSD Annual Energy Statistics Questionnaire to align it with the recommendations provided in IRES and harmonize it, to the extent possible, with the annual questionnaire of IEA/Eurostat/ECE.

• Update the UN Energy Statistics Database, including collection, processing and dissemination arrangements for both data and metadata according to the recommendations provided in IRES and in accordance with the revised questionnaire.

• Preparation of the JODI Gas Manual in support of the JODI monthly gas data collection.

• Further development of the energy statistics web-site.

2.4.4 Transport (UN Statistics Division)
Ongoing activities

 • Compilation of statistical series on international maritime transport and registration of new motor vehicles for dissemination in the Monthly Bulletin of Statistics (MBS) and the MBS Online; compilation of statistical series on civil aviation for dissemination in the UN Statistical Yearbook.