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OECD Enlargement




• Coordinate reviews of the statistical system and statistics of the Russian Federation in order to assist Council in taking an informed decision on whether to invite the Russian Federation to accede to the OECD Convention and become a Member. Consolidate information on the Russian Legal and Institutional framework for statistics, collect and review data and metadata from Russian statistical authorities in order to support the examination of economic and other policies by the OECD Committees.


• Improve and expand the statistical co-operation with the five Key Partner countries (Brazil, India, Indonesia, China and South Africa). Conduct light assessment reviews of data and metadata based on a standard set of basic OECD statistical requirements and encourage and assist KP countries to bring their statistics in line with coverage, quality and comparability of OECD member statistics. Coordinate data and metadata collection for KP countries with other OECD Directorates.


• Coordinate the development of statistics for G20 countries or other non-members of relevance for the organisation.


Objectives and outputs


• This activity is to support the Committee on Statistics in its evaluation of the statistical system and statistics of the Russian Federation, a country selected for possible membership in the OECD. To help integrate data for the candidate countries and enhanced engagement countries in the Organisation’s reporting and information systems.


• The Enlargement Activity will also facilitate exchanges with the “Key Partner” (KP) countries in order to improve our understanding of their statistical legal and institutional framework for statistics and their statistical programmes, develop specific statistical relationships with each of the KP countries, and co-ordinate the development of working level statistical projects involving KP countries and OECD Members.


Non-member countries involved in the activity:


• Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russian Federation, Slovenia Former, South Africa


Main Developments for 2013


General aspects:


• Co-ordination of the development of statistics for G20 or other new areas, continue to promote enhanced statistical co-operation with Brazil, Colombia, China, India, Indonesia, South Africa and with Argentina and Saudi Arabia as members of the G20.