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The Database of International Statistical Activities (DISA) lists the activities of over 30 statistical organizations active in the UNECE region. Updated every year, DISA is a coherent catalogue of planned work in international statistics over the coming year.  
Price Indicators




• To provide a set of relevant, reliable, timely, monthly and quarterly price indices (CPI and Producer Price Indices) for internal and external users. To provide methodological information on these price indices.


Objectives and outputs


• The 'Price Indices' dataset in the Main Economic Indicators (MEI) database contains statistics on Consumer prices, Producer prices and Construction costs for 34 OECD member, Russian Federation and 5 B(R)IICS countries. The data series presented within these subjects have been chosen as the most relevant prices statistics in the MEI database for which comparable data across countries is available. In all cases much effort has gone into ensuring international comparability and into the availability of historical time-series for analysis.


• Revision of the Methodological guide for developing producer price indices for services.








Main Developments for 2013


General aspects:


• finalisation of the Methodological guide for developing producer price indices for services with a view to finalising work in 2012.


• continue to improve the dissemination of price indices


Data management:


• Harmonisation of metadata across countries and introduction of new inflation measures.


Purchasing Power Parities




• Produce reliable and timely Purchasing Power Parities (PPPs) data for OECD member countries. PPPs are an important tool to compare levels of real income or real output across countries with indicators such as GDP per capita and relative price levels between countries.


Objectives and outputs


• Publication of the revised version of the Eurostat OECD PPP Manual December 2012.


• Calculate preliminary 2011 PPP detailed benchmark results - December 2012.


• Organisation of the data collection for the 2014 round which started in 2012 and covers 47 countries (30 OECD countries and 17 non-member countries).


• Work closely with Eurostat to further harmonise the methodology employed.


• Provide technical input into the 2011 round of the ICP currently being organised by the World Bank.


• Work closely with ELS on developing a new methodology for health specific PPPs.






• Purchasing Power Parities


Main Developments for 2013


General aspects:


• Finalise the methodology to calculate specific PPPs for health for all countries participating in the Eurostat-OECD PPP comparison. Implementation december 2013


• Calculation of the final detailed PPP results of the 2011 Round to be used as the input for the worldwide ICP Results - December 2013.