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Thank you for your comments. The feedback on GSIM closed on 27 September. You can follow the progress of the discussions on this page. Comments in addition to those below can be sent by e-mail to


Log (to be updated by Thérèse Lalor only)

Object/ Issue
Raised byLast comment
Data Structure Component#34Simplifying data structure component objectsThérèse Lalor29 OctVOTING ON OPTIONSRevised option added by ABS - for decision. Need to have discussion at #7 first.
Reference Metadata#17CReference MetadataThérèse Lalor29 OctLOW PRIORITY - WORK REQUIRED

Can we do an example like we have an example for quality?

Chris says he could have an example from Eurostat - Metadata Structure Definition.

To be discussed at Sprint

Documentation#25GSIMv2 documentationThérèse Lalor13 SeptWAITINGVote on which GSIM documents you use the most to help us understand what it useful
Views of GSIM#15Creating views of GSIMGareth McGuinness18 JulWAITING 
Modelling#14Relationships and AttributesJenny Linnerud---WAITINGAction: All relationshipsand attributes need to be reviewed and made explicit at Sprint
Modelling#22Objects to be added/removedThérèse Lalor---WAITING 
Modelling#33DefinitionsThérèse Lalor---WAITING Action: All definitions need to be reviewed at Sprint

Changes to be implemented at Sprint

Instrument Implementation#35Remove all object below Instrument ImplementationDick Woensdregt---WAITING

Following agreements made:

** have to make changes with a good business case**

** not going to leave it as it is **

**balance of simple to understand and not leading down the wrong path **

--> Go to Sprint for elaboration

Acquisition Activites#37Review to definition of a number of acquisition related objectsDick Woensdregt11 OctWAITING

What is the outcome here? Is it a change or an acknowledgement?

depends on result of decision at #35

Interviewer Instruction#27Rename Interviewer InstructionHelen Toole2 OctWAITINGArofan has provided input. For discussion - depends on result of decision at #35
Questions#30Question and Multiple Question ItemHelen Toole2 OctWAITING

Input from Arofan and Chris given. Need a resolution based on that advice

depends on result of decision at #35

Data Channel#36

Channel Activity Specification, Channel Design Specification?

Relationship to Data Resource

Dick Woensdregt29 OctDECIDED

Objects related to acquisition decided

Quality#17AQualityThérèse Lalor2 OctDECIDEDnew text attached to wiki. waiting for picture from Helen
Attribute Component#31Attribute ComponentJenny Linnerud2 OctDECIDED

Jenny has provided an improved definition.

Related to issue #31 and #7

Data Set#7

unit data

dimensional data

Thérèse Lalor11 OctDECIDED

We agree to the tenet of it and exact changes - in terms of relationships and definitions - to be worked out at sprint. We also need to tighten up all the definitions of dataset related objects.

Statistical Activity#28What is the difference between Statistical Activity and Process Step Execution RecordDick Woensdregt18 SeptDECIDEDAction: Definition to be improved. we could look into the relationships between these objects. This deserves some attention/discussion.
Process Step#29What does a CSPA Service map to?Dick Woensdregt4 OctDECIDED

GSIM should add a mention of Statistical Service either to the description or examples of a Business Service

Review text at Sprint to ensure alignment

Methodology#17BMethodologyThérèse Lalor5 SeptDECIDEDno changes to be made
Data set#24Distinguishing between different types of datasetsJenny Linnerud

16 Aug


Are we ready to resolve this? Is this something for GSIM version after this one?

Categorized as future work. Is this something other groups could solve? eg Data without Boundaries or Stats Network

Instrument#32Instrument and Instrument Implementation definitionsHelen Toole2 OctDECIDED

 Action: fix the table....

Action: Change definition. Better explanatory text around this. 

Action: Rename instrument implementation to represented instrument. It has the advantage of linguistic consistency

Non Structured Dataset#6Non Structured Data SetThérèse Lalor2 OctDECIDEDAction: Remove and make small text explanation that we may need this in the future
Node Sets#12Hierarchy in Classifications and codelistsHelen Toole06 AugDECIDEDAction: In the documentation we need to have a good example of what is a classification and what is a codelist (drawn from the the comments at the top of the thread). 
Methodology#3Design ContextJenny Linnerud16 JulDECIDEDAction: We are not making changes to the methodology for this version. We should remove this item.
Index/Index Entry#26Index/Index EntryThérèse Lalor13 SeptDECIDED 



Add unit type object

Alistair Hamilton



A new object will be added called Unit Type

Action: Definition, relationships and attributed need to be drafted

#13Survey and Frame PopulationsJenny Linnerud27 AugDECIDED

All subtypes of population will be removed

All subtypes of Unit will be remove

#16Add relationship to unit typeHelen Toole4 JunDECIDEDAction: Relationship to Logical Record to be added

Node Sets


Code vs Code List

Category vs Category Set

Klas Blomqvist 13 AugDECIDED

Provide clearer explanation of the differences

Code is kept in the model with better explanation

Action: Text needs to be drafted from examples in discussion forum


LevelHelen Toole26 MarDECIDED

Change the diagrams to include Level in the next release.

Action: New diagrams to be created

#11Statistical Classification CardinalityHelen Toole

22 Apr


Classification Scheme (Statistical Classification) has Mandatory Level

Action: Change the definition of (Statistical Classification) such that it must contain at least one Level.

(Statistical Classification) 1..* Level (Mandatory, Many)

Fixed in Neuchatel changes

#21Alignment with NeuchatelThérèse Lalor13 AugDECIDED

Change according to proposal


Remove Classification Version from model

Remove Classification Variant from model

Change Classification to Classification Series

Change Classification Scheme to Statistical Classification

Revise relationships according to proposal

Add attributes according to proposal

Revise definitions

Business Service#4

Business Service

Dissemination Service

Thérèse Lalor09 AprDECIDED

Dissemination Service to be a subtype of Business Service

Action: Text needs to be drafted and attributes aligned

Data Resource#5States of dataJenny Linnerud31 JulDECIDED

Information about how states of data "could be done" should go into the next version of the User Guide, rather than trying to fit into the model

Input to be given by countries using states of data may be done.

Action: Text needs to be drafted

Data Channel#9Data ChannelThérèse Lalor03 JulDECIDED

Data Channel stays in model

Action: Review definition of Data Channel

Representation#10RepresentationThérèse Lalor09 AprDECIDED

Change name of Representation to Presentation

Action: Name changed in documentation and model

Data Point#18Data PointHelen Toole16 JulDECIDED

Example in glossary to be fixed (Proposal 1)

Action: Fix Example

Process Output#19Add Process Output subtypeGareth McGuinness27 AugDECIDED

 Remove all subtypes of Process Input

Remove all subtypes of Process Output

Assessment#20AssessmentGareth McGuinness16 JulDECIDED

Definition to be improved

Action: Fix definition

Data Provider#23Data ProviderJenny Linnerud13 AugDECIDED

No change to model required. Although perhaps clarification in text would help future users?

Action: clarification in text would help future users?





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