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The Database of International Statistical Activities (DISA) lists the activities of over 30 statistical organizations active in the UNECE region. Updated every year, DISA is a coherent catalogue of planned work in international statistics over the coming year.  
2. Economic statistics (UNECE EHLM)
Activity 10.1: Generations and Gender Programme (GGP)

Description and objectives

The Generations and Gender Programme (GGP) is a system of national Generations and Gender Surveys (GGS) and contextual databases, which aims at improving the knowledge base for population related policy-making in UNECE countries. The Programme is developed and maintained by the GGP Consortium of research and statistical organizations. Data collection is carried out by member States whereas the data harmonisation and dissemination by the institutions of the Consortium. Coordination of the Programme at the UNECE is subject to availability of extra-budgetary funds, which are partially secured for 2011.

Activities and output

• Improve understanding of demographic and social development and of the factors that influence these developments, with a particular attention towards relationships between children and parents (generations) and relationships between partners (gender).
• Increase availability of harmonised micro-data of Generations and Gender Surveys from more countries
• Add new countries in the GGP contextual databases.

Organizations and groups involved

Generations and Gender Programme Consortium.

Activity 10.2: Statistical support to monitoring ageing-related policies

Description and objectives

Monitoring policies related to population ageing is part of the follow-up to the implementation of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (MIPAA) in the UNECE region. The statistical aspect of this work includes developing and maintaining a database of policy-relevant indicators in the domains of demography, income, wealth, labour market, social protection and financial sustainability. Collection and processing the data on already developed indicators are under way. This work is carried out by the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research based in Vienna. The UNECE secretariat assists in data collection and dissemination involving members of the Working Group on Ageing and focal points in national statistical offices.

Activities and output

• Assist UNECE member States in monitoring developments related to population ageing in the context of the UNECE Regional Implementation Strategy of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing.
• Add more countries in the database of policy-relevant indicators and policy actions.
• Update a graphical representation of data in country profiles published on the web.
• Present outputs at the meeting of the UNECE Working Group on Ageing in 2011, pending to renewal of the mandate of the Working Group beyond 2010.

Organizations and groups involved

European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Vienna.