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4.3 Data sources (WGBR)
4.3.2 Business and agricultural censuses and registers (WGBR)
Business registers

The Wiesbaden Group on Business Registers is a UN city group and the successor of the International Roundtable on Business Survey Frames (IRTBSF). Its main purpose is to provide a forum for the exchange of views and experiences as well as the conduct of joint work related to the development, maintenance and use of business registers to support survey sampling and other statistical activities related to the production of business statistics. The Wiesbaden Group is engaged with contemporary and emerging issues in the development and use of business registers. In particular, the Wiesbaden Group aims at tackling forward looking matters and identifying new challenges concerning business registers.

The 22 nd Wiesbaden Group meeting was held in Tallinn in September 2010, hosted by Statistics Estonia. The meeting gathered 77 participants from 39 delegations and was organised in eight sessions. The themes of meeting were: Concepts and Methods for Information and Data Sharing, Profiling (Costs and Benefits), Co-operation with administrative sources, Register Quality, Improving sector's coverage of the BR, Technical developments of the registers and Business Registers and Business Statistics in Developing Countries.

In 2012, a meeting is planned in September in Washington, United States of America, hosted by the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau. The frequency of meetings was set to every two years - alternating with the joint seminar (UNECE, OECD und Eurostat) on business registers.

All reports and papers of the Wiesbaden Group were made public through the CIRCA website.

The agenda and complete set of papers and presentations of the 22nd meeting in Tallinn can be found at:

The focus of work of the Wiesbaden Group is determined by a Steering Group, composed both by National Statistical Institutes and international organisations. Current members of the group are Eurostat, France, Germany, OECD, UNECE, United Kingdom, United States (BLS and CB). Besides assisting the host of the next meeting the Steering Group:
• Promotes global, integrated, statistical system design in countries and international organizations;
• Ensures the pertinence of Wiesbaden Group meeting agendas and coordination with meetings on related topics;
• Promotes the exchange of experiences between producers and users in developing Business Registers as backbone of economic statistics, enterprise profiling, the treatment of enterprise groups, business demography statistics design, entrepreneurship indicators, and the like;
• Advertises the output of the Wiesbaden Group in other international and national fora and seeks feedback;
• Actively engages the UN Statistical Commission, Conference of European Statisticians (CES), Committee on Statistics of OECD (CSTAT), and other senior management forums and seeks their inputs regarding future activities.

Point of contact:

22nd Wiesbaden Group meeting: Svetlana Shutova, Statistics Estonia: (
Next meeting: Shirin Anne Ahmed (Shirin.Anne.Ahmed@Census.GOV).