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The Database of International Statistical Activities (DISA) lists the activities of over 30 statistical organizations active in the UNECE region. Updated every year, DISA is a coherent catalogue of planned work in international statistics over the coming year.  
2.9 Science and technology (UNESCO)
Research and Development, Human Resources in Science and Technology and Innovation

Work Programme

The current programme of the UIS includes:

• Collection and publication of data on research and development (R&D) from all countries in the world in co-ordination with the OECD, Eurostat and RICYT;
• A pilot collection of innovation data from about 15 developing countries;
• Development of guidelines on how to conduct R&D surveys in developing countries;
• Promotion of a model survey of doctorate holders in a joint project with OECD and Eurostat;
• Publications on international mobility among researchers and the results of the 2010 R&D data collection.

Ongoing methodological work

• Preparation of guidelines on how to conduct R&D surveys in developing countries, including the development of a model questionnaire, and the revision of concepts used for S&T Education and Training (STET) and S&T Services (STS).

Priority objectives beyond 2011:

• Continuation of the biennial UIS R&D survey;
• Establishment of a global collection of innovation data conducted on a biennial basis;
• Continuation of capacity building activities;
• Methodological guidance for developing countries on the collection of R&D and innovation data;
• Analysis of STI indicators.

New work to be undertaken in 2011:

• Pilot collection of innovation data;
• Publications on international mobility of researchers and the results of the 2010 R&D data collection;
• Processing and disseminating R&D metadata;
• Developing a model innovation survey in cooperation with RICYT.

Meetings to be organized in 2011:

• Capacity building workshops in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean;
• Expert Meeting on innovation surveys in Montreal.