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The Database of International Statistical Activities (DISA) lists the activities of over 30 statistical organizations active in the UNECE region. Updated every year, DISA is a coherent catalogue of planned work in international statistics over the coming year.  

Theme 7.03 Management of financial resources

Fields of activities covered by the theme

• Financial verification of commitment and payment operations;
• Planning and monitoring of budgetary implementation;
• Contribution to simplification of financial tools and sound financial management;
• Support to Financial Management (Training, Helpdesk);
• Support for implementation of Eurostat's strategic priorities (financial management dimension).

1. Work to be carried out by Eurostat in 2011


• Finalise the project on implementing revised financial circuits;
• Contribute to work on the evaluation of long term expenditure needs, taking into account the priorities linked to the re-engineering of the statistical production system and the upcoming negotiation of the Regulation on Financial perspectives 2014-2020;
• Streamline the grant award process;
• Develop possible options to implement Art. 15 of the Regulation on European statistics stipulating that 'an adequate financial structure shall be developed' to support sharing of experience and results within the ESS through collaborative networks.


• Provide ex-ante financial verification of financial transactions (financial instruments: grants, procurement, joint management; type of appropriation: operation and administrative; source: own budget appropriations and budget appropriations subdelegated to Eurostat by other DGs);
• Review and develop Financial Support Information products in close cooperation with users;
• Ensure continuous improvements in advice, assistance and training to clients;
• Prepare and monitoring the implementation of operational and administrative budget appropriations;
• Providing management information services to users;
• Defining and implementing the 2011 reinforced ex-ante and ex-post controls programmes and ensuring the follow-up of previous controls;
• Ensure follow-up of comments made during the annual discharge procedure and the recommendations issued following audit reports;
• Providie accounting services and related quality controls.

Theme 7.04 Audit

Fields of activities covered by the theme

• Assurance and counselling engagements;
• Opinions on control systems in Eurostat;
• Follow-up of the implementation of audit recommendations.

1. Work to be carried out by Eurostat in 2011


• Risk analyses;
• Audit engagements in conformity with International. Audit Standards;
• Counselling engagements;
• Follow up of the implementation of the audit recommendations;
• Opinion on the state of the control system in Eurostat in support to the Directorate-General AAR.

Theme 7.05 General administration

Fields of activities covered by the theme

• Document management;
• Inter-service consultations;
• Mail delivery;
• Intermediate archives;
• Office space and furniture;
• Management of office space and furniture according to Eurostat's needs.

1. Work to be carried out by Eurostat in 2011

• Document Management: user training and support;
• Document Management: monitoring;
• Registration of incoming mail;
• Management of the Filing Plan;
• Inter-Service Consultations: central co-ordination, user training and support, monitoring;
• Mail collection & delivery;
• Intermediate archives: allocation and supervision;
• Provide a timely and appropriate help desk service to all staff in matters relating to the building and its contents. (including telephone and office furniture);
• Implement Eurostat's office new needs in accordance with organisational changes.