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4.3 Data sources (ECB)
4.3.3 Household surveys (ECB)
• Methodology and organisation of euro area household sample surveys addressing requirements for micro-data on household finance and consumption.4.3.4 Business and agricultural surveys (ECB)
• Methodology and organisation of sample surveys including sample designs addressing requirements for access to finance, focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises.4.3.5 Other administrative and non-survey sources (ECB)
• Assess and respond to the potential statistical implications of the implementation of international financial reporting and supervisory standards in Europe.

4.5 Dissemination, data warehousing (ECB)
• Further develop the Statistical Data Warehouse, a user-friendly and comprehensive online data delivery service for ESCB statistics through the ECB's website.

• Enhance the SDMX web services implemented, for facilitating the integration of ECB data into user applications including support for SDMX/version 2.1.

• Continue optimising the framework for a joint and simultaneous dissemination of euro area aggregates and its national contributions to these aggregates on the ECB's website and on the websites of euro area NCBs (in their own languages and 'look and feel').

• Set up the data exchange and dissemination infrastructure for the ESRB.

• Further develop the Principal Global Indicators website, which focuses on the G20 economies, including the euro area. This work is undertaken by the Inter-Agency Group on Economic and Financial Statistics comprising the BIS, the ECB, the European Commission (Eurostat), the IMF, the OECD, the United Nations and the World Bank.