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The Database of International Statistical Activities (DISA) lists the activities of over 30 statistical organizations active in the UNECE region. Updated every year, DISA is a coherent catalogue of planned work in international statistics over the coming year.  

1.1 Population and migration

Population and Migration Statistics

Analysis and studies:
• Information and analysis on population trends and policies;
• Population estimates and projections for all countries, geographical areas, urban and rural areas and major cities;
• Analytical work in the fields of fertility; contraceptive use; mortality including HIV/AIDS; internal migration; international migration; population growth and ageing; the interrelationship of population, resources, environment and development, including social and economic aspects; and studies on population and development policies related to the above;
• Implementation of 2009 Revision of the official United Nations estimates and projections of urban and rural areas and major cities.
• Implementation of the 2008 Revision of Trends in International Migrant Stock (estimates of the international migrant stock by country of residence and sex, 1960 -2010)
• Implementation of the 2008 Revision of International Migration Flows To and From Selected Countries (annual data on international migration flows to and from 29 industrialized countries)

• Dissemination of world-wide population information through the United Nations Population Division web site ( and the United Nations Population Information Network (POPIN) (
• Release of the 2009 Revision of World Urbanization Prospects in March 2010.
• Dissemination of data on the international migrant stock by country birth, citizenship, sex and age through the Global Migration Database (accessible through