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Theme 3.06 Business registers

1. Description

The objectives of this theme are to harmonise the national statistical business registers (BRs), monitor the quality of the registers and build a register of multinational enterprise groups (MNEs). The theme also covers the definition of appropriate statistical units for observation of the production system in the Community (local units, enterprises and enterprise groups).
The Business Registers Regulation (EC) No 177/2008 requires the exchange of individual data on multinational enterprise groups. This is needed as basic infrastructure for the establishment of a EuroGroups Register (EGR) of MNEs and their constituent units. The EGR is developed in phases. A pilot project for the EGR was carried out in 2006. In 2009 the first EGR production cycle started with coverage of 5 000 MNEs. An extension of the coverage to 10 000 MNEs is planned for 2011 and full implementation should be achieved by 2013.
Measures used to achieve the objectives include implementing legal acts and the maintenance of a recommendations manual giving guidance for the implementation of BRs.

2. Work Programme for 2010


  • Maintain and further develop the IT architecture to manage the EuroGroups Register (EGR) and implement additional IT technology (including decentralised access at MS level) to exchange data with the EGR.
  • Maintain and further develop the methodology of the EGR.
  • Acquire further private data necessary to manage the EGR and update it through exchange with Member States.
  • Ensure adoption of a Commission Regulation on the exchange of MNE data between Eurostat and central banks.
  • Maintain the technical specifications in the Recommendations Manual on the basis of the Commission Regulation.
  • Report on the implementation of the BR Regulation through the annual survey.


  • Integrate national central banks and the ECB in the network of the EGR.
  • Develop the business model of the EGR network including the requirements at central (Eurostat) and national level.
  • Development of the Data Quality management of the EGR.


  • Creation of the EuroGroups Register.
  • Maintaining national business registers.

5. Planned new legislation

  • Commission Regulation on the exchange of MNE data between Eurostat and central banks.