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NADDI Sprint 

The third DDI Moving Forward Sprint was held in Vancouver 24 - 28 April, immediately prior to the NADDI conference. The attendees of the Sprint were Thérèse Lalor, Jay Greenfield, Arofan Gregory, Larry Hoyle, Jon Johnson, Alan Li, Ron Nakao, Wendy Thomas, Joachim Wackerow and Mary Vardigan.

The sprint focussed on three broad categies of work relating to the DDI Moving Forward Project. These were the process of creating DDI 4, technical topics and content topics. Below you will find the outputs created during the sprint. Some outputs are for information, while others are intended to be reviewed and commented on by the DDI community. Documents intended for review at noted.

Process of creating DDI 4


approach document..... to be added architecture etc etc

Project Management - KANBAN board for tracking progress of tasks

Proposal for systems - Atlassian proposal

Drupal work

Technical Topics

A number of technical topics were discussed and proposals for these were drafted. Comments on these papers are encouraged before the IASSIST Sprint which will be held in late May.

Content Topics

In addition to technical topics, a number of content topics were discussed and progressed during the sprint. The following new content topics were discussed.



Building on work already undertaken at previous sprint and virtual task teams,


For those interested in following the evolution of the discussions and proposals made, the minutes of the Sprint are below:



To be deleted:

Project Report

Introducing the project


Introducing the project, Design Principles, Architecture, Packaging, Workflow + Deliverables



Drupal work

3.2 Drupal load spread sheet

Prioritised to do list, in progress

Emailed Friday

Task statuses

Wendy Excel file

Emailed Friday

Kanban Board

waiting for production flow discussion

Completed at end


Atlassian products

Proposal to be written up by TL

Completed at end