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The 2013 MSIS meeting decided that Big data is a key issue for official statistics. This page is for sharing links to resources / ideas / information / plans etc. - anything you think might be useful to others. Please feel free to post your input. If you need an account, please contact


In May 2013 A temporary task team was set up to work out the key issues with using Big Data for official statistics, identify priority actions and formulate a project proposal. The team worked virtually, by Wiki and Webex, and has now produced a number of preliminary outputs

    • a draft project proposal consisting of three major work strands: an exploration of strategic and methodological issues; analysis of Big Data sources and international replication of outputs using a shared computing environment; and training and dissemination activities.
    • an inventory of Big Data sources and projects, based on the above classification (still under development: will be posted here shortly)


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Next teleconference of the Big Data task team

Please check all options that are possible for you. The date with the most votes will be chosen and Webex connection details will be posted here by COB Friday 26th July.

IDDateAguascalientesOttawaUKMost of EuropeAnkaraCanberraWellington
1Thursday August 22nd06:0007:0012:0013:0014:0021:0023:00
2Tuesday August 27th06:0007:0012:0013:0014:0021:0023:00
3Wednesday August 28th06:0007:0012:0013:0014:0021:0023:00