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This is the home page for UNECE work relating to Big Data.  This space contains information about ongoing UNECE-led activities in the area of Big Data, and links to other parts of the UNECE platform that contain relevant material.  Please explore the navigation menu in the left-hand sidebar.

Some pages are restricted to members of the relevant task teams undertaking work as part of the 2013 project planning and 2014 project work.  If you think you should have access and cannot see these pages, please contact



UNECE-coordinated work relating to Big Data

  • Informal workshop for participants in the September 2013 seminar on data collection, to discuss the formulation of the Big Data project proposal.
  • Temporary task team composed of representatives from thirteen countries and international organizations: tasked with identification of priorities for international collaboration and development of a the project proposal for a the 2014 HLG project on Big data and official statistics.



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