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Development and Implementation of the OECD Quality Framework




• To enhance the quality of OECD statistics, to provide a systematic mechanism for ongoing identification and resolution of quality problems, to increase the transparency of the processes used by the OECD to assure quality, to reinforce the political role of the OECD in the context of an information society.


Objectives and outputs


• The framework focuses on improving the quality of data collected, compiled and disseminated by the OECD through an improvement of the Organisation's processes and management, though there will be a positive spillover effect on the quality of data compiled at national level. The framework is composed of four elements: a definition of quality and its dimensions; a procedure for assuring the quality of proposed new statistical activities; a procedure for evaluating the quality of existing statistical activities on a regular basis; and internal quality guidelines covering all phases of the statistical production process.


Main Developments for 2013


General aspects:


• Following feedback from users, the Quality Framework and Review has undergone a review to streamline the process and make the focus more quality oriented and to include user input.


• Following agreement of a timetable by the Statistical Directors group a number of Quality Reviews of OECD Statistical Activities will be carried out during 2012.