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OECD.Stat is used by 7 other organisations (ABS, NZL, ISTAT, EC, IMF, Mimas, UNESCO). Many other international organisations, Central banks and National Statistical Offices are also investigating sharing the system. This needs a significant support activity.


Publishing from the Statistical Information System


To provide a publishing environment for the production of statistical publications and create new statistical dissemination services in the framework of the OECD Statistical Information System. The services include publishing complete databases, ready-made key tables and indicators with dynamic graphs. The publishing environment comprises a publishing tool where the table is defined by the statistical editors in collaboration with authors, and a formatting engine where the data are extracted from OECD.Stat and formatted for multiple outputs such as paper, PDF, Excel, HTML and JSON to feed into Active Charts. The environment improves the efficiency of the publishing process and the quality of final publications in print and electronic format.

Objectives and outputs

Produce publications through the publishing process from databases available in the central data base OECD.Stat. Continue to develop new procedures to take into account specificities of these new publications. Create new services to disseminate statistics.

In 2012, Active Charts were launched. Active Charts are simple, shareable, web 2.0 interactive chart data visualizations which are automatically produced through the existing publishing process. In 2012, improvements in the OECD.Stat browser were made available on the OECD iLibrary. New complete databases, Key tables and Active Charts were published. Complete databases were published offline using a centralised process from OECD.Stat.

PAC statistical editors load IEA data (14 datasets updated quarterly and 50 datasets updated annually), which represents the largest volume of data loaded by Directorates, into OECD.Stat. Statistical editors worked with directorates to review and improve the quality of the data and metadata being disseminated from the central data warehouse.

In 2012 PAC used the publishing system to produce 23 statistical publications in two languages, including 2 annual outlook publications, 2 publications which are monthly, 1 quarterly and some 360 key tables. All statistical publications are made available as Excel, PDF, Web and print on demand.

Main Developments for 2013

General aspects:

In 2013, improvements in the OECD database browser will be made available on the OECD iLibrary. Regarding statistical publications, the publishing environment will be used in 2013 to publish updates of publications already produced out of OECD.Stat in 2012 and to apply the procedures to at least 10 additional statistical publications. In 2013, one aim is to improve the discovery of high level indicators and complete databases through a new data portal, "". The publishing system output will be used to publish more Key tables and mobile apps in 2013 (e.g. Internet Economy Outlook and "OECD data" mobile apps).