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Accession examinations: Compliance with Benchmark Definition of FDI


• To examine and assess on behalf of the Investment Committee compliance by the candidate to the Council Recommendation C(2008)76, Benchmark Definition of Foreign Direct Investment, 4th edition and associated requirements for reporting FDI statistics to the OECD.


Objectives and outputs


• Report to the Investment Committee.




Activity of Foreign Affiliates




• To measure globalisation, and the contribution of multinationals to the economic activity of countries.


Objectives and outputs


• The database on Activities of Foreign Affiliates (AFA) covers variables such as employment, production or R&D in conjunction with foreign direct inward investment. This data bank has been extended to the activity of affiliates of national firms abroad (outward investment) and to the activities of parent companies in the origin countries.




• Activity of Foreign Affiliates (AFA)


Main Developments for 2013


General aspects:


• This database will be updated in 2013 for few countries, as the data are classified according to ISIC Rev.3). The data collected in ISIC Rev.4 are now stored in the AMNE (Activity of Multinational Enterprises) database.