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Theme 6.07 - Statistical cooperation with the candidate and potential candidate countries

Fields of activities covered by the theme

• Preparation of candidate and potential candidate countries for EU membership by aligning their methodologies and practices with the statistical acquis and integrating them into the European Statistical System.
• Inputs to meetings under the structures of the Stabilisation and Association Agreements / European Agreements and inputs to the Commission's annual progress reports and its opinions on countries' applications for EU membership.
• Provision of harmonised statistics covering the candidate and potential candidate countries.
• Screening, negotiations and follow-up of the commitments regarding the statistics chapter and the statistics component of other chapters.
• Assistance to the candidate and potential candidate countries involving the entire cycle for assistance programmes with programming, tendering, implementation and evaluation under the Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA).


 1. Work to be carried out by Eurostat in 20122013





• Provision of support to population and housing censuses for candidate and potential candidate countries;
• Support regional cooperation in the Western Balkan countries through the organisation of conferences, seminars, events with a regional perspective to foster regional cooperation and understanding.





• Monitor the statistical systems in candidate countries and potential candidates using different assessment instruments (global assessments, peer reviews, compliance monitoring database, Eurostat annual assessment missions).
• Production and dissemination of statistical data on candidate countries and potential candidates through publications and updating the Eurostat website.
• Coordinate, design, contract, implement and follow-up cooperation programmes for candidate countries and potential candidates  to assist candidate countries and potential candidates in aligning their statistical production with the acquis.
• Support the EU enlargement policy through participation in sub-committee meetings under the Accession / European Agreements, following-up on commitments on chapter 18 from the negotiation process, contributing to the annual EU progress reports.