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Theme 6.02 Statistical training

Fields of activities covered by the theme

Conception and implementation of Eurostat's learning and development strategy for statistical training in the ESS (the ESS Learning and Development Framework (the LDF)) aiming at:

• Improving the overall quality of European statistics;
• Raising the qualification of statisticians in the ESS in order to promote their independence in line with the European Statistics Code of Practice;
• Encouraging both theoretical and practical learning and development;
• Encouraging the exchange of best practices, know how and experience;
• Supporting the implementation of the reengineering of the statistical production processes in the ESS and the required adapted skills and competence needs;
• Providing new alternative learning and development opportunities beyond traditional training;
• Definition of appropriate set up of a European Master's in Official Statistics.


 1. Work to be carried out by Eurostat in 20122013









• Establish annual ESTP (European Statistical Training Programme): ESTP Annual Catalogue 2013;
• Implementation of the ESS-LDF (European Statistical System - Learning and Development Framework) projects on e-learning, interactive platform, and competences;
• VIP Project: Study within the framework of the project EMOS (European Master in Official Statistics).