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Theme 6.05 - Data and metadata structural definition


Fields of activities covered by the theme


The main activities are:

• Maintain and update the reference database Eurobase;
• Manage, disseminate and convert the Eurostat and national reference metadata to the ESS standards;
• Use and improve the Eurostat Metadata Handler;
• Improve and implement the SDMX statistical standards and guidelines for the exchange of data and metadata;
• Disseminate external data other than the data produced by Eurostat to the Commission;
• Monitor the integration of the national metadata systems;
• Keep up-to-date the Eurostat data navigation tree;
• Prepare cross-cutting legislation on metadata and
• Organise financial support to countries for the integration of statistical business processes.

This work contributes substantially to the implementation of the ESS Joint Strategy on the production method of EU statistics as adopted in May 2010.

The processes and projects to be undertaken will create an increasing standardisation and harmonisation within the ESS; they lead to a reduction of the burden on the data or metadata producers both at national or international level.

Also the accessibility of data and metadata by users will be improved.

Most of the activities listed will create more vertical and horizontal integration (i.e. the integration between Eurostat and Member States and the integration between statistical domains) within the European Statistical System.

1. Work to be carried out by Eurostat in




• Financial support is organised with grants to Member States;
• The Eurostat data navigation tree is permanently updated and restructured with new tables, new dimensions and new branches. Also the quality of existing data tables is permanently improved.