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Theme 6.06 - Information and dissemination


Fields of activities covered by the theme


• Dissemination of European statistics;
• Eurostat website;
• Support for external users;
• Publications;
• Promotion and marketing of Eurostat and of European statistics.

1. Work to be carried out by Eurostat in



1.1 NEW WORK, INCLUDING NEW PLANNED LEGISLATION• Implement next generation of the Eurostat website including the related tools for online access to data, metadata and publications.



• Eurostat website: the website provides a stable access to Eurostat products and services, with enhancements for users. Evolutionary maintenance and quality assurance of the website, including purchases of hardware and software.
• Improve user orientation of dissemination products and services: collect and analyse information about user interaction with Eurostat dissemination products and services.
• Enhance reusability: facilitation of the re-use of Eurostat data, metadata and tools by external organisations, including NSIs, companies and the open data community.
• Dissemination of European results from the 2011 Census, via the Eurostat website, using the Census Hub.
• Raising visibility and awareness of the ESS: implement actions developed under the Sponsorship on Communication.
• Support and promotion to external users: high quality support to external users of Eurostat's products and services; publicity and promotion. Network of support centres; participation in dissemination events and distribution of promotional material.
• Statistics Explained: maintenance, further development and content management of the electronic dissemination system "Statistics Explained".
• Dissemination products for mobile devices: development of dissemination products which enable users to obtain statistics on a range of mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and e-readers.
• Increase multilingualism in dissemination products and services: users have access to selected information in all EU languages, as well as support in all languages.
• Publications: widespread dissemination of Eurostat's value-added output through electronic and paper publications. Production, dissemination and archiving of statistical publications, including the implementation of the publications programme 2011 and the further exploitation of the electronic dissemination system "Statistics Explained".
• Dissemination of Eurostat microdata.