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A.     The official statistics industry and its place in the wider information industry

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5.   The official statistics industry is part of a more extensive information industry. Within this wider information industry other players are claiming their place and statistical organisations cannot automatically assume that they will retain their current position and relevance.


17. The basis of the strategy on processes is presented in the diagram below. The variety in processes has to be reduced to free up resources. This is to be done by reducing the number of methods and technologies used and by harmonising concepts in industry-wide models such as the GSIM and the GSBPM.

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18. The HLG vision clearly identifies the need for agreeing and adopting standardised and industrialised processes for the production of statistics. However, during the development of the GSIM, it was recognised that a higher-level integration of statistical process, information objects and flows, methodology and technology is needed to produce statistics. The GSBPM, GSIM, Methods and Technology corners have relations that are governed by rules that cannot be expressed at this level. Further work in this direction, therefore, is being done.