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UI Expand
titleMeeting 7 August

Attendees: Oliver, Jannik, Olof

Jannik explained what he had done on the transforms at the Toronto sprint. The transform is more or less complete. The documentation for the RDF needs some fixing, it runs only for discovery. Email and stuff like that should be added to....?[therese missed what Jannik said - maybe primitives?]

The XMI to OWL is the best one.

The outstanding tasks:

1) Reuse of elements from other standards: Referring to elements in other standards needs to cleaning up in Drupal for the exports to work well. This was discussed in the modelling team. Oliver had suggested to add a column in Drupal to show the equivalences. We should model it but not export it. So we need a place to put it. Currently in Drupal you can say that an object is equivalent to X in DDI 3.2 or GSIM. Olof confirms there is an RDF field in Drupal to show external mappings. In the RDF, do you want to use the (for example) dc terms namespace, or keep it in DDI namespace. Jannik says it is best to keep both and then make a decision later.

It should be straight forward in RDF, but in the XML we need some more information. The XML transformation that is the biggest issue. Is it feasible to inline the other standards, or leave it at the modelling level and just document it? Jannik says do both.

2) Bug fixes

3) Documentation that runs on docbook

4) Transformations to other implementations??? Do we do it?


Olof is working on some bugs for exporting and views in Drupal. Next step is for Docbook export.

Is it possible to do a regular run through/ test run? We could start a tools support meeting by look at the results of the test run. But do we have infrastructure support? Olof says yes. The SVGs are automated, the next step is to do the XSLT automatically. It should be done in a batches. It could be running in a week or two.Olof is working on some bugs for exporting and views in Drupal. Next step is for Docbook export

The September release should be possible technically - only issue to stop it is resourcing.

Jannik is happy to press start on the GTM meetings for future meetings.

UI Expand
titleMeeting 24 July

Attendees: Achim, Oliver, Thérèse

Clarification on creation of diagrams

We want a diagram of each object and its neighbours. This will be a lot of diagrams. We could make the diagrams in EA from the XMI. This might be too much work given the number of diagrams. Olof is investigating if we can make these diagrams automagically from Drupal. The Drupal graphs are not so pretty when there are lots of objects, but maybe not so bad for small diagrams. The diagrams for views/packages should be made in EA.

Production tests

In the initial meeting of this group, it was agreed that we should try to do a production test once every two weeks. This has not been happening. We need to start doing it for the September release. To do teh production tests, we would need a Drupal person (Olof or Johanna), a XSD person (Jannik or Oliver) and an OWL person (?? Maybe ask Thomas??). This needs to be sorted out at the next meeting.