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Members and participants:

  • Jenine Borowik (Australia) Chair
  • Julie Trépanier (Canada)
  • Franck Cotton (France)
  • Richard McMahon (Ireland)
  • Stefano De Francisci / Monica Scannapieco (Italy)
  • Barteld Braaksma / Barry Schouten / Johan van der Valk (Netherlands)
  • Jean Watt / Amy White / Emma Mawby / Lyn Kaye (New Zealand)
  • Anna Dlugosz (Poland)
  • Ashwell Jenneker / Luxolo Lengs (South Africa)
  • Michail Skaliotis / Martin Karlberg / Pilar Rey del Castillo (Eurostat)
  • Yuri Gyomai / David Barraclough (OECD)

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Connection details for last upcoming meeting (14 August:

Next WebEx meeting Wednesday 12 February


Topic: Modernisation Committe on Products and Sources, Webex meeting 12 February 14 August
Date: WednesdayThursday, 1214. February August 2014
Time: 2112:00, Europe Summer Time (Paris, GMT+0102:00)
Meeting Number: 707 471 224 285 476
Meeting Password: Sources123

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Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada): 1-866-469-3239
Call-in toll number (US/Canada): 1-650-429-3300

Access code:707 285 476
Global call-in numbers:
Toll-free dialing restrictions:
Access code:707 471 224
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Schedule of future meetings:

 CanberraNew ZealandCETIrelandOttawa
Tue 14 Jan22:0000:0012:0011:0006:00
Wed 12 Feb07:00 (Thu 13)9:00 (Thu 13)21:0020:0015:00
Thu 13 Mar07:00 (Fri 14)09:00 (Fri 14)21:0020:0016:00
Thu 10 April20:0022:0012:0011:0006:00
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Thu 13 Nov22:0000:0012:0011:0006:00
Thu 11 Dec07:00 (Fri 12)09:00 (Fri 12)21:0020:0015:00

Draft Agenda

for last meeting:

1)   Progress on the draft paper for the CES 2014 seminar “What is the value of official statistics and how do we communicate that value?” (Deadline : end February)

2) Update on our input to the

next meeting (12:00 CET, Thursday 14th August):


1) Update 2014 HLG projects on Big Data and Implementation of the Common Statistical Production Architecture (CSPA) - and and on results of the survey.3) the new Task Teams & CSPA

2) Big Data Inventory: update and briefing Wednesday webex

3) Survey of communication of the value of official:  Type of information we will collect and into what detail

4) Face to face meeting November: participation and agenda

5) Topics to be proposed for follow-up activities

6) Update on other work programme items:
        a) Mixed Mode (Amy)
        b) Mobile devices (Barteld)
    c) Marketing (Richie)

4) Contribution to the UNECE Work Session on Statistical Communication, and other relevant international meetings -

5) 7) Other business

68) Date of next meeting and schedule for the rest of the year





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