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What eWhat do we need to do for the GSIM v2 documentation??


  • Variables (all 3 kinds) 
  • Datum need some explanation
  • Data Channel
  • States of data (see Issue 5)


  • Non structured dataset -  make small text explanation that we may need this in the future (issue 6)
  • the table explaining instrument etc (issue 32)
  • touch point between GSIM and CSPA (issue 29)
  • what is the boundary between a Code List and a Classification? (issue 12)
  • code list/code item/code, category set/ category item/ category , classifications - explain better (issue 2)
  • difference between statistical activity and Process Step Execution Record


  • A diagram showing the relationships and cardinalities between UnitDataPoint, UnitDataSet, UnitDataRecord and Datum would be helpful in clarifying things (ie, a combination of the information that is currently split betwee fig 44 and fig 45 in GSIM v1.0 (pages 240 and 250 respectively).
  • make sure classification / node set pictures show level (issue 8)


User Guide

  • Reference Metadata: Input from Chris attached. Extra work required to make it align to the quality scenario for Helen/Wim etc (issue 17C)
  • Quality: Work by sub group attached. Needs to be added to the document (issue 17A)
  • States of data (issue 5)




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