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What eWhat do we need to do for the GSIM v2 documentation??


idDocumentResponsibility for updating?Changes needed?
1GSIM Brochures Need good business case to update
2GSIM Communication  Need good business case to update
3GSIM Specification  


GIGMinor update to align with rest of document

Information in a statistical organization

GIGUpdate to reflect decisions made by GIG

Annex A  Extending the model

GIGDo we need to update it?

Annex B  Influence of existing standards


Mapping Groups

Neuchatel Group

Need to think about this after work undertaken this year

Annex C  Glossary


 Update to reflect decisions made by GIG

Annex D UML class diagrams and object descriptions


Update to reflect decisions made by GIG and Neuchatel Group
10Neuchatel AnnexNeuchatel GroupUpdate to reflect decisions made by Neuchatel Group
11 GSIM User Guide GIG

 Need to think about this

Add in steady states

12Enterprise Architect file ThérèseUpdate to reflect decisions made by GIG and Neuchatel Group


Explanations to be added/fixed:

  • Variables (all 3 kinds) 
  • Datum need some explanation
  • Data Channel
  • States of data (see Issue 5)
  • Non structured dataset -  make small text explanation that we may need this in the future (issue 6)
  • the table explaining instrument etc (issue 32)
  • touch point between GSIM and CSPA (issue 29)
  • what is the boundary between a Code List and a Classification? (issue 12)
  • code list/code item/code, category set/ category item/ category , classifications - explain better (issue 2)
  • difference between statistical activity and Process Step Execution Record


  • A diagram showing the relationships and cardinalities between UnitDataPoint, UnitDataSet, UnitDataRecord and Datum would be helpful in clarifying things (ie, a combination of the information that is currently split betwee fig 44 and fig 45 in GSIM v1.0 (pages 240 and 250 respectively).
  • make sure classification / node set pictures show level (issue 8)


User Guide

  • Reference Metadata: Input from Chris attached. Extra work required to make it align to the quality scenario for Helen/Wim etc (issue 17C)
  • Quality: Work by sub group attached. Needs to be added to the document (issue 17A)
  • States of data (issue 5)




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