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Statistical literacy (Corien and Kerstin)

Beatrix Tomaschek (Austria) - paper received


Liga Reinfelde (Latvia) - paper received

Communication with respondents (Frances and Natasa)

Corien Ooms (Netherlands with UNECE) - paper received

Quick wins on low and zero budget (Lukasz)

Thimoty Allen (Eurostat) - Lukasz will contact

Jenkins and Green (ONS) - paper received

Maria-Jesus Angulo (Spain) - paper received

Michael Levi (US) (presentation only)

Good practices in electronic publications (Michael and Terri)

Armin Grossenbacher (Switzerland) - paper received


Fabienne Montaigne (Eurostat) -Lukasz will contactpaper received

Azar Ahmadov (Azerbaijan) - paper received


Ekaterina Nikulina (Russia)

Evaluation of communication campaigns (Ellen)

Ekaterina Nikulina (Russia)