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Connection details for next meeting:


Topic: MC on Standards
Date: Wednesday, 12. March 2014
Time: 13:00, Europe Time (Paris, GMT+01:00)
Meeting Number: 708 595 380
Meeting Password: Gsim123

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Access code:708 595 380 


Agenda for next meeting:

Draft Agenda for 12 February:

  1. Decide the responsible person for each group/sub-group and discuss the possible outputs for the group

a) Governance, maintenance, support and integration of statistical standards

i. GSIM implementation/use cases

ii. DDI profile development based on GSIM; impact of model-based DDI on standards development

b) Support for CSPA implementation (GSIM, GSBPM, DDI and SDMX)

c) Quality indicators

d) Semantic web

e) Geospatial standards

f) Participation in the Big Data Project for 2014

g) Glossary of Metadata

2. Draft work plan for the Executive Board on 25 February

3. Cross-call with MC 

4. Workshop Spring 2015 (foreseen the date to book a room in Geneva)

5. Other business 

6. Confirmation of next meeting for 12 March




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Key issues and priorities

The following topics have been identified so far by members of this committee:

  • Governance, maintenance, support and integration of key standards
  • Support for CSPA implementation
  • Quality indicators
  • Semantic web
  • Link to geospatial standards
  • Big Data
  • Glossary

Presentation given at November 2013 HLG workshop

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