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Connection details for next meeting:

Thursday 12 December 2013, 13:00 CET

Meeting Information

Topic: ModComOrg 
Date: Thursday, 12. December 2013 
Time: 13:00, Europe Time (Paris, GMT+01:00) 
Meeting Number: 708 207 819 
Meeting Password: OrgEval123 

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Agenda for next meeting:


1 Feedback from HLG Workshop
2 Discussion on next steps and work programme - priorities and deadlines
3 Initial discussion on organising future workshops - topics and timing
4 Other business / next meeting



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8 November 2013









Key issues and priorities

The following topics have been identified so far by members of this committee:

  • Responsive workforce management and deployment (ability to rapidly adapt workforce and workloads to optimise statistical outcomes)
  • Statistical Capability Framework
  • E-learning collaboration
  • Legal and financial issues associated with sharing.


  • I would like to see some discussion on organisational capability and performance as part of the modernisation agenda. This could include looking at areas associated with leadership, vision, people management, adapting to change and how capability in such areas can lead to improvement.


The following were identified by the Modernisation Committee for Production and Methods

  • Collaboration - whilst the MC for Organisational Frameworks and Evaluation should take the lead on developing institutional mechanisms and policies for greater collaboration within and between organisations, the MC for Production and Methods could provide input on collaboration tools and methods.
  • Skills - another area where the MC for Organisational Frameworks and Evaluation should take the lead, but the MC on Production and Methods can help identify the likely trends, such as greater emphasis on design and anaysis processes, and the growing need for data scientists.

Presentation given at November 2013 HLG workshop

Office Powerpoint
nameOrganisational framework and evaluation.ppt