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1 L

Netherlands – Innovation at Statistics Netherlands, Barteld Braaksma ( and Marleen Verbruggen (

2 S

Poland – The concept of the new organization of statistical surveys, Janusz Dygaszewicz (

3 L

Australia – Applying Information Infrastructure to Business Transformation - Stuart Girvan ( )

4 L

Spain – An efficient editing and imputation strategy within a corporate-wide data collection system at INE Spain: a pilot experience, David Salgado (

5 S

Philippines - A workaround for a not so ‘intelligent’ ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) functionality of a Document Imaging Software, Gene V. Lorica ( ,

6 S

Asian Development Bank – “Using C-Cube for the production of Key Indicators and other statistical work” or “C-Cube a useful tool for Communication, Coordination, and Collaboration”, Artur Andrysiak (

7 S

Korea, Rep. of Products of Official Statistics by Using Big Data,Ki-Bong Park


(iv) Collaboration

Session Organizers: Marton Vucsan, Statistics Netherlands ( and Carlo Vaccari, University of Camerino, Italy ( and Eric Hermouet, ESCAP ( 15 min./presentation opening and discussion