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Workshop 6. Quality adjustment: A general framework and the role of= Hedonics

Organised by IMF


This workshop outlines data needs for and practical methods of quality a= djustment. The data needs are about price collectors having fairly tight sp= ecifications and training about what to do when an item is missing in terms= of finding comparable and, if not available, non-comparable replacements a= nd, for the latter, the different data needs and ways of incorporating the = replacement. Some methods are relatively straightforward including the indi= rect ones of imputation and linking; at the other extreme, direct more-comp= lex methods include use of hedonic regressions. Such regressions are also u= sed when there is a rapid turnover in transactions on models with diff= ering characteristics, such as consumer electronics, and can be applied to = separately constructed databases taken, for example, on a monthly basis fro= m retailers=E2=80=99 websites on the prices and characteristics of differen= t models on the market. We look at the practice of using such techniques.

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